Peter Nwaizuzu

Agovi is The best!… I use this almost everyday. Gives flavor to everything. Excellent to cook gravies, sauces, .Adds flavor to my Nigerian soup especially egusi. Much healthier than Knorr and Maggi. Highly recommended.

Dedra Fullbright

I love this seasoning! It is good on everything. I love it on egg dishes in breading for fish and fried chicken. A sprinkle on vegetables brings out and brightens flavors.


This product is amazing! It’s healthy, tasty and doesn’t over power your food with that salty taste you get from other seasonings. I have a 6 year old daughter who is a very picky eater. I was at my wits end trying to get her eating anything other than cereal. A friend of mine recommended this product and l decided to try it. I made our usual rice and stew but only used this seasoning to season the stew. l almost bursted out crying when my daughter picked up her spoon, sniffed the stew first and then started eating. She ate all her food and asked for more. What!! As a mother there is no greater joy than seeing your child eat well and enjoy good home cooked meals.
Since that day i have been a loyal custome and am not looking back. I use this for all my cooking, it’s great with fish, meats, vegetables, soups etc. This is a must in any kitchen. I love this product. Don’t hesitate, try it!

Zinny Mojekwu

Review for Agovi Nutritional Seasoning 16oz


Review for Agovi Nutritional Seasoning 16oz

Rated 5 out of 5 Antoinette Buggage

I have used Agovi in various dishes I’ve cooked. I have used it in soups, pastas and on meat. Agovi has a taste of home, it’s welcoming. Did I mention that it is better for you than the average seasoning.

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Makes Your Food Yummy and Savory

AGOVI offers you a premium nutritional seasoning with great taste. If you’re someone who enjoys cooking and eating mouthwatering, delicious food, then our product surely deserves a spot in your pantry.

Our product is Gluten free certified. It is vegan friendly and paleo diet friendly. It is all-purpose and can be used on a variety of dishes. Aside from having a flavorful blend, our seasoning also has a clean label.

We offer bulk packaging of our products to restaurants, caterers, and other businesses. For more information, send us an email at [email protected].

Our Mission

We aim to help improve everyone’s health, one dish at a time. Through our nutritional seasoning, people in every city can freely enjoy good food without having to worry about its ill effects on their body.

Our Story

Agovi Inc. is a family owned minority business founded in 2016 from our kitchen. We simply wanted to eliminate the MSG rich spices from our kitchen in order to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Along with it was also our desire to reduce our sodium intake, reduce inflammation in our bodies as well as reduce other unnatural additives in our food. The difficult challenge was finding a healthy but flavorful spice replacement. Not relenting, we found ourselves experimenting with various blends. We eventually developed this unique blend incorporating yeast as our core ingredient. We loved it. Our kids loved it too. Then relatives, then friends and co-workers who tried out our seasoning loved it. And naturally, Agovi nutritional seasoning came to be.

We are both pharmacists. Amaka has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a doctorate in pharmacy. She is currently pursuing her certification in functional medicine. Azubuike on the other hand, has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and a master’s degree in health planning and management.


A Recognized Nutritional Food Seasoning

Our nutritional food seasoning has tickled the taste buds of many families and health-conscious individuals. Here are some of the reasons why customers buy our product time and again:

  • It adds a rich flavor to food.
  • It has a unique blend.
  • It does not have MSG, gluten, preservatives, and artificial dyes, flavors, colors, and extracts.
  • It has low sodium.
  • It does not require refrigeration after opening.
  • It spreads easily on food and does not run off.
  • It can be used for different recipes.
  • It has protein
  • It is made from natural ingredients.
  • It is a healthy seasoning.


Food Manufacturer’s License, Texas Department of State Health Services