About Us

Azubuike and Amaka are Nigerian born pharmacists married and living in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. We grew up with Maggi and Knorr (MSG rich spices) added to our foods and we loved the depth of flavor they added. Due to the conflicting data on the safety of MSG as a food additive as well as the other unnatural additives, we decided three years ago to embark on a healthy anti-inflammatory diet. It was a difficult transition and finding a healthy but flavorful spice replacement was challenging.

After the birth of our 3rd child a year later, Amaka suffered some health challenges and had to start physical therapy. Her pain was severe enough on some days that it was hard to get out of bed without pain pills. Not relenting on our mission, we remembered that old saying “let thy food be thy medicine” and decided to give our anti-inflammatory diet our best shot. At this point, Amaka was desperate enough to give up her beloved Knorr and Maggi.

We eliminated processed foods and started making wholesome meals from scratch. We experimented with various MSG-free spices but we could not find one that satisfied our taste buds. Several months into our diet, Amaka discovered that her pain was less and her reliance on pain pills was reducing. Her energy levels improved considerably. This was mind blowing. We knew we couldn’t go back to our old way of eating. We continued with our experimentations and eventually developed this unique blend incorporating yeast as our core ingredient. This was the genesis of Agovi Nutritional Seasoning.

Agovi nutritional seasoning has a well-rounded taste and does not alter the taste of your food. Rather, it enhances the flavor. It is yummy!. It is an all-purpose spice that can be used on a variety of food. It is great in soups, stews and broths. You can also sprinkle it on your salads, grilled vegetables, eggs, fries and popcorn.

It is very spreadable, not runny and makes seasoning steak, chicken, turkey, and fish a breeze. It is MSG-free, gluten-free, low in sodium, preservative-free and has no added artificial flavors, colors or dyes. What’s more? It even adds protein to your food.

It is vegan friendly and paleo diet friendly. It is good for everyone.

Enjoy our prescription for great tasting food!!