Agovi Nutritional Seasoning 16oz

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Healthy and all-purpose seasoning. Rich in flavor. Vegan & paleo friendly. MSG free & Gluten free. Contains protein. Made from yeast. No junk!

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Are you looking for a healthy seasoning? Look no further. Agovi Nutritional Seasoning is packed with nutrition and rich flavor. It contains only natural ingredients. It is vegan friendly, paleo friendly, Gluten free certified, and MSG free. This flavorful seasoning is the only product of its kind in the market that is made from whole yeast. It gives you 1 gram of protein per serving. And not only that, it has Turmeric and Paprika to help you fight inflammation in your body.

Agovi Nutritional Seasoning is rich in Umami. It has a cheese like taste. It also tastes like chicken bouillon, but of course has neither chicken nor cheese. This is why vegetarians love it. It spreads easily without running off and makes seasoning food a breeze. Add it on hot, cold or raw food, it brings to life the taste in your food. You can sprinkle it on salads, boiled eggs, avocado or you can add it into your scrambled eggs, soups, stews, sauce, bone broths or use it to marinate your chicken, steak, fish, pork for grilling. Use it to season your popcorn and you will never eat any other. Add it to your avocado spread and you will quickly say goodbye to butter and its trans fat. Out of spaghetti sauce? No worries. Simply add it to your plain cooked spaghetti with any oil of your choice and you will enjoy a delicious spaghetti meal. However you desire, Agovi Nutritional Seasoning will transform the way you eat.

Agovi Nutritional Seasoning has no preservatives, no dyes, no artificial flavors or colors. It is as natural as you can get. Make food your medicine by eating right and you will live well by avoiding many illnesses that come with eating junk food.



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8 reviews for Agovi Nutritional Seasoning 16oz

  1. Peter Nwaizuzu

    Agovi is The best!… I use this almost everyday. Gives flavor to everything. Excellent to cook gravies, sauces, .Adds flavor to my Nigerian soup especially egusi. Much healthier than Knorr and Maggi. Highly recommended.

    • Agovi Inc (online)

      Thank you so much Peter for you review. This will have a positive impact on potential customers visiting our website.

  2. Dedra Fullbright

    I love this seasoning! It is good on everything. I love it on egg dishes in breading for fish and fried chicken. A sprinkle on vegetables brings out and brightens flavors.

    • Agovi Inc (online)

      We are glad you love it Dedra. Thanks for your review.


    This product is amazing! It’s healthy, tasty and doesn’t over power your food with that salty taste you get from other seasonings. I have a 6 year old daughter who is a very picky eater. I was at my wits end trying to get her eating anything other than cereal. A friend of mine recommended this product and l decided to try it. I made our usual rice and stew but only used this seasoning to season the stew. l almost bursted out crying when my daughter picked up her spoon, sniffed the stew first and then started eating. She ate all her food and asked for more. What!! As a mother there is no greater joy than seeing your child eat well and enjoy good home cooked meals.
    Since that day i have been a loyal custome and am not looking back. I use this for all my cooking, it’s great with fish, meats, vegetables, soups etc. This is a must in any kitchen. I love this product. Don’t hesitate, try it!

  4. G.A

    Review for Agovi Nutritional Seasoning 16oz

  5. Antoinette Buggage

    I have used Agovi in various dishes I’ve cooked. I have used it in soups, pastas and on meat. Agovi has a taste of home, it’s welcoming. Did I mention that it is better for you than the average seasoning.

  6. Joy Okocha

    Review for Agovi Nutritional Seasoning 16oz

  7. Ruth

    Review for Agovi Nutritional Seasoning 16oz
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  8. Carlos Gomez

    Review for Agovi Nutritional Seasoning 16oz
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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