KANGJI Non-contact Infrared Thermometer


Fast and accurate non contact infrared thermometer. Measure forehead temperature within seconds and without contact. 3-5 cm measuring distance.

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This is an infrared thermometer used to measure the temperature of the forehead without any contact. To use, gently sweep the scanner across the forehead within 3-5 cm distance and press to read. Any temperature 100.4 degree Fahrenheit or greater is considered a fever while the average normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is fast and accurate and measures temperature within seconds.


Non-contact infrared thermometers reduce the risk of spreading disease such as COVID-19 between people being evaluated. It is easy to use and very easy to clean and disinfect. It measures temperature and displays a reading rapidly. It provides the ability to retake a temperature quickly.


This lightweight thermometer has 3 different color modes for fever warnings. Green is normal temperature while Orange is low fever. Red is high fever. It is equipped with energy saving auto-power off functionality and has easy to read LCD display with bold characters. It is safe and hygienic to use.

Follow manufacturer’s recommendations while using this thermometer to ensure proper use and to obtain accurate readings.

This thermometer has multiple uses. It can measure both the temperature of the human body and objects.

Batteries are not included. 2 AAA batteries are required.


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